April 14 – Today’s Featured Birds

from: Gerry Sibell: “Evening!This is an in-flight image of a male evening grosbeak taken in the backyard in northern Minnesota. Although Cornell’s map shows these birds as year around residents in my area, they only frequent this backyard during the winter months. From what I’ve read, these birds are in decline, especially in the northeast. They are a very striking bird and it’s always fun to watch them when they show up in the backyard.To see in higher resolution, click on the following link:https://gerry-sibell.artistwebsites.com/featured/evening-gerry-sibell.html”

from: Monte Wilson: “One of the winter Robins around the lake park.”

from: Michael Alsup: “Looks like he could do another round”

from: Kate McGurk May: “Someone doesn’t know the meaning of the word “share””

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