April 16 More Featured Birding Photos


from: Dave Boltz: “I needed a cooperative bird to help me break my photographic “slump” of late, and this Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was just the ticket this cold morning at Ben Brenman Park on Cameron Station in Alexandria, Virginia. This little bird is smaller than most sparrows and much more active. So, getting one to be in one spot long enough for a shot is the biggest challenge. They also usually stay high up in trees where all you see is their white belly. Listen for their high, thin, wheezy call notes and look up. And if you see one, there are usually two. A few more photos of him can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.905041059522158.1073741875.100000488188613&type=1&l=fdd12e6939″


from: Terry Wood: “Took this picture yesterday 04/15/2014. It was raining. This little goldfinch blended in so well with it’s surroundings.”

red winged blackbird

from: Mary Coker: “Red wing blackbird in Cherry Tree, Washington DC”

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