April 27 – Today’s Featured Birds

from: Alexis Ross Hayes: “Northern Cardinal.Whitby, Ontario.”

from: Gerry Sibell: “Billy Blue Jay!This is an in-flight image of a blue jay taken in the backyard in northern Minnesota. There are at least eight of these guys in the yard most days. There are an ever increasing flock of pine grosbeaks showing up each day. As soon as they head for the feeders, the blue jays will swoop down to scare them back into the trees. Eventually, the pine grosbeaks get to feed. It’s fun to watch the antics in the yard going on with all this cold weather.To see in higher resolution, click here:https://gerry-sibell.artistwebsites.com/featured/4-billy-blue-jay-gerry-sibell.html”

from: Nancy Taylor Rakich: “Carolina wren in Ohio 2~5~2014”

from: Alexis Ross Hayes: “Cedar WaxwingWhitby, Ontario.”

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