August 7 – Today’s Featured Birds – Warbler Calls

from: Nancy Taylor Rakich: “Great Blue Heron at Mosquito Lake Park, Ohio”

from: Gerry Sibell: “Goldie and Queen Anne’s LaceThis is an image of an American goldfinch along with some Queen Anne’s Lace taken in the backyard in northern Minnesota. With the cool, wet summer the wildflowers are very abundant. Even though the Minnesota DNR considers Queen Anne’s Lace an invasive species, it still makes for a nice prop.To see in higher resolution, click on the following link:”

from: Marian Lentini McSherry: “Killdeer Eggs”

from: Marian Lentini McSherry: “Mama Killdeer guarding her eggs (to the right) and doing her “broken wing” routine!”

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