December 10 Featured Member Birding Photos


from: Ronald L. Sapp: “Northern Flicker”


from: Corky Heller: “White Breasted Nuthatch near Gardner, Kansas by Corky Heller.”

snowy owl

from: Simon Bolyn: “Snowy OwlBoucherville, Quebec, Canada 11/29/2013Please feel free to “follow” or add me as a FB “Friend”. There is no point in taking photographs if I don’t share them with everyone!Nikon D7100Nikon 500mm f4f6.31/2000 sec ISO 800————————–Here is the first photo of what will hopefully be a very productive Snowy Owl photography season. Not close enough by a long shot for my liking, but this will have to do for now. We are very lucky here in South Western Quebec as we seem to be in the epicentre of an not-so-common “irruption” of snowys. This happens every 2 to 5 years when food sources are running low in the North of Canada and many are forced farther south to survive. Things must be really tough this year as one has been seen as far south as Bermuda… Or maybe he was just smart enough to get out of the cold and stay awhile…enjoy the beach, have a few drinks,take a vacation :). This one didn’t let me get too close, which I hear is common for this species, where as last years time spent with a few Great Grey Owls (15 days of great photography opportunities) showed that they had no fear of me at all. Its always challenging and interesting to learn about a birds habits and mannerisms first hand, and have to adjust ones approach to a shot.Also an important side note to all you photographers out there – Please try not to disturb a Snowy Owl as much as is possible while capture your shots. Many snowys are tired and stressed right now, and the added trouble of flying away from persistent photographers can actually kill them. I can completely understand the excitement that occurs when viewing and photographing this bird, but please keep their well being in mind.”

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