December 12 Featured Member Birding Photos


from: Kathie Jane Limehouse: “Blue Grosbeak in my field near the bird feeder in Cottageville, S.C. April of 2013,”

snow owl

from: Simon Bolyn: “Great Grey OwlAnse-‡-l’Orme Nature Park, Quebec, Canada 03/17/2013Please feel free to “follow” or add me as a FB “Friend”. There is no point in taking photographs if I don’t share them with everyone! Nikon D7000 Sigma 120-300 f2.8 1.4x tele f4 1/3200 sec ISO 400″


from: Ed Bettina Berg: “Okay, the uninitiated behind the camera (that would be me) is guessin’ this is a Raven”

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