December 9 More Featured Birding Photos


from: Phyllis Gunn: “Sparrows on my brush pile. El Paso, Texas 12/9/13”


from: Kittie Shatterly Mayfield: “Woodpecker with “jam” sandwich; I make this with three pieces of whole-grain bread…spread crunchy p-nut butter on two slices, then press seeds, raisins, oatmeal, etc. into the p-nut butter. It fits in a small suet feeder, and the birds love it. For sunny days only, of course, unless your feeder is out of the rain.”


from: Robin Lee: “We have had hummingbirds year round for the last 4 years. When it gets cold (10 right now) we hang Christmas lights in a plant basket to keep the feeder from freezing. It also keeps the hummingbirds warm. They sit next to the lights for warmth.”

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