Featured Member Birding Photos: Birds of Prey

“my husband saw this hawk in our yard a few yrs ago.” – Patti White

eagle on power lines
“Bald Eagle at Edmonds, WA waterfront. Just waiting for dinner!” – Colleen Stone

“This one is a permanent resident at the Wildlife Images Rehab Center, Merlin Oregon in the breeding program. †After Katrina wiped out some Gulf coast facilities and killed or released all of the endangered birds, the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Mo., one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the United States, decided not to ‘keep all their eggs in one basket’. Along with a few select private breeders around thecountry they entrusted Wildlife Images with the care and breeding of the rare birds in hopes of ensuring the future of their species.” – Laurel Tofflemire

“Cooper’s Hawk, Jan., 2013” – Ron Dixon

“Soaring over our yard on the lake…this turkey vulture is not handsome like our hawks, but, boy! Can he fly!” – Jenyfra Llanso’ Nelson

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