January 3 More Featured Birding Photos


from: Nancy Taylor Rakich: “Red shouldered hawk”


from: Cindy L Carroll: “Some friends and I ran across this juvenile falcon perhaps, at the Bob Hall Pier, on Padre Island on Jan 1st, 2014…can anybody identify it?”


from: Robert Hutton: “The colours on this little warbler are astonishing. previous photos to this suggest a Yellow Rumped Warbler, the blue is beautiful, but what does that mean about the bird. Is it an age thing, or a gender thing, the boys are the pretty ones remember. Only the Cape May Warbler and the magnolia Warbler share the yellow rump with this sweetheart. If my memory serves me well, and I watched a superb little video on the Magnolia id but the white goes all the way through on their tails. This is one of the most striking little birds I have ever seen. The photos were shot at a banding session at the Audubon Coastal Center and Charlotte is handling the work.”

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