January 9 More Featured Birding Photos

cooper's hawk

from: Rick Halliburton: “”Raptor Launch”At the very start of my usual morning walk, I approached the very first street lamp and looked up to witness a Cooper’s Hawk perched scanning its surroundings. I immediately turned my camera on and started taking images. Then the Hawk began becoming fixated on something in the direction to my left. I knew that if I waited I would be able to attempt “a launch” shot. Checked my settings, fast shutter speed…focus, focus, focus…the Hawk started doing something, steady…wings and body heaving…NOW! Shuttered! I had no idea what I grabbed ’till instant review..before it caught air, I caught it. Made my day, week, so far year..yes!”


from: Marian Lentini McSherry: “Red Bellied Woodpecker”


from: Wanda Boivin: “Anybody know what kind of parrot this is? – Victoria – British Columbia”

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