July 20 – Today’s Featured Birds

from: Joyce Coleman: “From Joyce Coleman: Mrs. Bluebird yesterday, her mate nearby in Madison Heights, VA.”

from: Wes Deyton: “Eastern Blue Bird”

from: Pat Isaacson: “We have 3 pairs of Bewicks Wrens going nuts in our yard, Temecula, CA.”

from: Bob Choate: “This is a Greater Yellowlegs, a shorebird that arrived here at Cherokee Lake in East Tennessee four days ago. I have been watching and “capturing” pics. ever since I first spotted it, in an attempt to confirm that it is a “Greater” and not a “Lesser”. Thanks to some very helpful and knowledgeable fb friends on the Tennessee Birding page who were able to help and one also told me that it is usually one of the first transient birds to arrive here in TN, signaling the start of the migration season.”

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