March 27 Featured Member Birding Photos

carolina wren

from: Deb Spofford Sanders: “Our adorable little resident Carolina wren, posing just for me! So thrilled to have him here in NH, enduring our most intense winter on record!”

awesome duck

from: Darren Cowan: “Lesser Scaup ducks hung around Cormorants in the Eastern section of Town Lake in #atx Photo taken with Nikon D40, Sigma 70-300 ml. F/11, 1/250, ISO 800–dark day on March 8th, 2014. This duck species seems fairly common in the Austin area, but I admire their blue beaks, red eyes and diving behavior. -Darren Darren Cowan Photography-Nature”

beautiful bird

from: Lowell B Taubman MD: “Violet Tailed Sylph, Tandayapa, Ecuador”

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