May 29 – Today’s Featured Birds

from: Vicki Maples: “Red Headed Woodpecker “

from: Maria Pitre Johnson: “Ethel is feeding the babies in the nest while Fred stands guard. He is always busy protecting his family. They have 3 two month old babies and 4 one week old babies. I love my Eastern Bluebirds. Taken in Lake Charles, LA in my backyard.”

from: Rennae Marshall Christman: “A Great Blue Heron on the rooftop of our local Fish Hatchery..I think he had a plan…”

from: Rennae Marshall Christman: “This “Mourning Dove” spent the afternoon on my back deck. I have so many pictures of her. This is one of my favorites. “

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DFP: WARB_DTOP_Belowcontent