November 18 Featured Member Birding Photos

lesser goldfinches

from: Ellayne Elias: “Lesser Goldfinches, beautiful couple perched in a Palo Verde tree! Image taken 11-02-13 in Vail, Arizona.”

fat waxwing

from: Gerry Sibell: “Bad Hair Day!This is an image of a cedar waxwing taken in the backyard. These guys make their appearance for a few days and then take off. This spring, there was an abundance of apple blossoms so they stayed for awhile. However, this fall they didn’t show up, like usual, to eat the apples and the mountain ash berries.It’s hard to isolate the background when shooting these guys. There’s so many branches and leaves around. It’s always nice when the image includes the yellow on the tail and the red on the wing tips!To see in higher resolution, click here:”

coopers hawk

from: Ellayne Elias: “I will never get enough of seeing and photographing Raptors! This immature Cooper’s Hawk paid a visit to our back yard this afternoon while our resident birds were feeding. He was not successful, and I am glad of that as I don’t want to see them kill and eat their prey in my back yard, but I really do like watching and photographing them! 11-17-13 in Vail, Arizona.”

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